AI Generated the Most Stereotypical-Looking Person in These European Countries and the Results are Hilariously Accurate

Lately there have been a lot of (failed) experiments with AI that leave viewers feeling unsettled, violated, and frankly like they want to pour bleach in their eyes. The tech isn’t good enough to do an excellent job with artificial renderings yet, so there are some holes in AI that leave artists wanting. However, one artist recently used the best experiment of AI’s good, functioning qualities when they prompted it to create images of the most stereotypical looking folks in a couple European countries. Interestingly enough, the results are not only incredibly accurate, but pretty hilarious, calling out each country for some of the classic traits that they are known for. 

Tune in to this photo collection of photos that’ll make you feel like you’re people watching all over the world from the comfort of your own home- and enjoy the best that AI renderings have to offer. Who ever said that ALL type casting is bad? The Frenchman alone is enough to make you want to buy a flight to Paris to eat a baguette by the Seine. 

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