‘Am I the Drama?’ : 20+ Funniest Inspiring Therapy Memes of the Week for the Dramatic Crowd

‘New year, new me’ seems to be the motto going around as of late. If we’re honest, we’ve carried all our old baggage from last year into 2023. We haven’t changed in the span of a week, and we are still the red flag. Progress is a bit slow, and we blame all the drama we encountered this past Christmas. Family gatherings really do bring out the worst in everyone…


Even though we usually vent to our poor coworkers or friends, we should probably begin therapy. We’ve heard endless good things about it, and it’s kind of all the rage on the internet. BUT ITS SO EXPENSIVE. How do people actually afford it?! Beats us… So what we’re content with memes for now. Scroll down and check out some of the funniest, most relatable therapy memes we’ve fished out of the depths of the internet. 


Also, if you’re in a classy kinda mood, click here to see some of the best classical art memes.

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