‘Am I the Drama?’ : 27 Funniest Inspiring Therapy Memes of the Week for the Dramatic Crowd

Hey ho, new year, new me… Who else is trying desperately to stick fast to their new year’s resolutions? Our memory fails to remind us that this is how it goes. Each year is the same — we swear that it’s gonna be different, that we’re gonna run more, drink less, work harder, move to Italy… and none of that ever ends up happening. The one resolution that has stuck with us is going to therapy, and we are proud to say we are making quite a few breakthroughs! Yes, it’s absolutely terrifying. 

Anybody else go to their first session thinking ‘YAY I’M GONNA COMPLAIN FOR AN HOUR AND GET MY MONEY’S WORTH’, then arrive and remain silent for the first 37 minutes? It isn’t as easy as it looks, all this opening up stuff. Also, it’s expensive. If you haven’t gone to therapy yet, let these memes convince you. Scroll down and check out some of the funniest ones we’ve found this week. Also, feel free to click here if you’re interested in knowing what the biggest ick is for your fellow internet surfers.

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