An Eggcellent Assembly Of Egg Memes For Protein Lovers And Trying Times

Has there ever been a foodstuff as versatile as the humble, yet mighty egg? They’re delicious boiled, fried, poached or scrambled, and that’s before you even get to their multiple uses in baking and other meals.

It’s pretty weird that one day somebody saw something come out of a chicken’s butt and decided that yeah, they wanted to eat that. Nonetheless, it’s allowed us to enjoy this important ingredient for thousands of years.

Not only do these small globes of protein-filled goodness have many applications in cooking, they’re also extremely funny. Egg throwing has been the perfect prank fodder for hundreds of years for a reason. We’re not just fond of egg jokes because of the times that they make a mess, though. They’re also the perfect subject for plenty of entertaining memes. It’s hard to place what makes them so humorous, but that’s part of the beauty of them. There’s no need to understand, just enjoy them for what they are.


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