Angry Frenchman Has Twitter Tantrum Over Fish Finger Croissant Sandwich

I doubt that fish sticks, or (as the Brits refer to them) fish fingers are considered a delicacy anywhere in the world. The flaccid food reminds me of sad nights growing up with a mom who hated cooking. Paired with a glass of whole milk, fish sticks are the stuff of my epicurean nightmares. In some places, however, a fish finger is begging to be lovingly placed in a sandwich and enjoyed as comfort food. Okay, some places = England. While the United Kingdom may not be known for imaginative cuisine, they definitely do some things right. Unless you’re asking Mr. Julien Hoez, who went on a Twitter rampage this past week after he went to a cafe and saw they were serving a croissant sandwich stuff with fish sticks and cheese. 

The Frenchman was horrified by the food offering and decided to do a little British food bashing in response. The response was less anti-Brit than expected, and the banter was actually pretty funny. 

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