Angry Memes and Posts For Perpetually Pissed-Off People

Sometimes I feel like I relate a little too much to Fred Durst. Or at least the Fred Durst who wrote ‘Break Stuff.’ You may be familiar with the tune: a rage-filled anthem for people who have bad days every day. A tune for terribly ticked-off individuals who are at their wit’s end and ready to strangle a person if they look at them the wrong way. Unfortunately, violence gets people in trouble. So how do we convert all the anger to something more productive, or funnel it into healthy activities? Honestly, I am not sure. Yoga’s never done it for me, and meditation is a lot harder than one might think. Instead, I just spend my angry time scrolling furiously through the internet. If this sounds like you, then you may appreciate the following memes and posts. They’re filled with misanthropic vitriol and curmudgeonly vibes. Sometimes you just have to lean into the anger. 

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