Anti-Grilling Take Ignites the Ire of Dads Everywhere

As we approach America’s favorite explosion-centric grill-fest of a holiday, there are are people coming out of the woodwork who want to suck the fun out of ‘Murica day. One of those sad, pathetic souls (if it were Christmas we’d call them a Grinch) is Josh Barro, a columnist for Business Insider. 

The writer/shit starter chose violence yesterday with this sentiment, which rightfully enraged enthusiasts of smoke and char. The hot take (and its haver) were swiftly roasted on Twitter – and not just for the flagrant crime against cooking over an open flame. Opponents really came for the article for being blatant bait. Publications are now relying on «hate clicks» to increase their traffic, and Business Insider barely tried to hide the MO behind the article. Banking on controversial statements like «Olives are bad» is the new «And you won’t believe what happens next.» And because people keep rage-clicking, the infuriating practice persists. Fortunately, these smartasses were unafraid to call the dumbassery out. 

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