‘As if you could outrun me’: 17+ Cursed and Cringey ‘Twilight’ Collectibles That’ll Watch You Sleep at Night

Severe fandoms, like the Twilight franchise, have some of the most insane followers. With the books, the movies, and the spin-offs clogging the entertainment waterways of our lives since the early 2000s, we’re bound to see some backlash in the collectible department. That’s right– MERCH. Sometimes folks just want to bring home a tiny piece of their favorite vampire love story and to do so, they have to fork out $35 for a t-shirt with Edward Cullen’s face on it. Face it, the most feral collection of fans are Twi-hards (hard core Twilight obsessives) and that means that the capitalistic wheel churned out some pretty cringe merch for them to buy. Do you want to buy a pair of flip-flops with Edward, Bella, and Jacob on them? Say no more, fam.
These collectibles will have you looking like Edward in biology class when Bella walked in front of the fan… Completely and irrevocably disgusted.

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