Aspiring Comedian Gets Roasted After Impromptu Stand-up Routine No One Asked For

Is Los Angeles okay? 

When a projector malfunctioned in an AMC theater in Burbank on Tuesday, Tiffany King, a self-proclaimed psychic medium and comedian decided to rise to the occasion and become the entertainment of the night. Several people in the audience naturally whipped out their phones and documented the spectacle from many different angles. King didn’t exactly tell jokes in her unsolicited stand-up routine. It was more like a chaotic tirade of absurd proclamations. «I joined the all-black gospel choir!» King announced at one point in between bursts of song. Other memorable soundbites include, «I believe in Buddha» and «all the moms in NorCal thought I was a stripper.» In one clip she prowls about the theater like a goblin. But you really have to watch the clips to get the full effect.

Of course, when the videos hit Twitter, thousands of people jumped on the opportunity to drag King’s cringey performance. And although the spectacle inspired a deluge of roasts, you have to admit that King was successful in her attempt to be the center of attention. 

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