Astrology Memes To Celebrate The Beginning of Virgo Season

This week, a crime against Virgos occurred that has been overlooked by the general population. Renowned singer, actress, dancer, and clothing designer Jennifer Lopez fired two of her dancers for the crime of being Virgos. The audacity of this woman is far too much. How could she discriminate against the Virgo community in this way? Doesn’t she know that Virgo season is upon her, and the wrath of the Virgos is far more ravenous than any other zodiac sign? You know who a Virgo? Beyoncé. Do you think Beyoncé discriminated against the Virgo community during the casting for her Beychella performance? I don’t think so. 

Beyoncé also honored Virgos with her new song VIRGO’S GROOVE. If you are a Virgo who wants to take a stand against J-Lo’s crimes, you’ll turn on Renaissance right now and take a scroll through some hilarious and wildly accurate Virgo memes. It’s the least you could do to celebrate Virgo season. 

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