Attention-Seeking Karen Insists on Wearing a Wedding Dress to Her Husband’s Cousins Wedding

I have a confession to make: I wore a white dress to the first and only wedding I’ve ever been to. Granted, I was 8-years old, and the flower girl, and the bride helped pick out my dress. Although I got away with it then, I’ll never be able to again. If there’s one thing that Reddit has taught me is that wearing white at a wedding is a crime that will not be forgiven. I’m going to my first wedding since my flower girl debut this weekend, and I’m kind of nervous that the pink dress I picked out will somehow be revealed to be completely unacceptable. However, after reading the story u/aitadress posted on Reddit about his wife planning to wear her wedding dress to his cousin’s wedding, I feel much better about my choice. Although she tried to justify this choice by pointing out her wedding dress was pink, there is no way that wearing a wedding dress at a family member’s wedding will fly. 

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