‘Band of Brothers’ Memes For the WWII-Obsessed Dad in All of Us (February 15, 2022)

Once a year, or perhaps even more than once, I get the urge. It’s an ache, really. A yearning for a place I have not been, and the camaraderie of men I have never really known. Men whose bravery would put most people’s heroes to shame. Men that, if you can believe it, after they hooked up with I Company, came back. No, I’m not talking about the Fellowship of the Ring. I’m talking about the admirable, vulnerable, sensitive, and handsome men of Band of Brothers,  which is quite possibly the best WWII miniseries to have graced our home screens. Hell, it rivals most movies about the era and conflict. 

The HBO series has cultivated such a devoted following that it’s inspired a shitposting community – one of my favorites on Facebook. Not that the designation means much. The cesspool of a social networking site has been losing quality meme pages left and right. This one, which I’ve written about before (hi guys!), has managed to stick around. Many of the private group’s memes are in-jokes, some of them are crossovers with other communities. But no matter the specific brand of the jokes, its members are prolific. And they do the boys of Easy Company proud. 

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