Barbie Memes for Barbie Girls on National Barbie Day

The Barbie doll is probably one of the most famous toys of all time. There are many reasons for this, including savvy marketing and the fact that she has been everything from a supermodel to an astronaut. 

However, probably the biggest factor in her celebrity is that she is so completely iconic. Most of us could recognize that ridiculously proportioned miniature blond lady from a mile away, whether or not she was wearing head to toe pink. 

With the Barbie franchise spanning dolls, computer games, and films, she is immediately recognizable to most girls under the age of 12, and the rest of us, too. It also means that there is plenty to work with when it comes to memes. They can be mighty amusing, as some of the examples below prove. They weren’t lying when they said she could do anything, because internet humor is another mountain she has conquered. It’s only fair to celebrate that on her national day.

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