Bartender Enacts Ideal Revenge On Tardy Boss Who Hates Lateness

Those of us who know what it’s like to do shift work can appreciate the importance of being on time. Not only can punctuality make you better prepared for what lies ahead, many managers will start breathing down your neck if they suspect the merest hint of tardiness, no matter what has caused it.

The last time I worked somewhere where you had to clock in, it was common knowledge that it was best to arrive an unpaid half an hour early to be able to actually prepare yourself for the day’s work. If you tried to sign out five minutes early after completing all your tasks, though, it was a sure thing that you’d find a supervisor ready to give you a lecture on time theft. It was infuriating to say the least, especially when sometimes there was no one to be seen as you arrived at the office to sign yourself in. 

Unfortunately, this contradictory attitude can be found across any number of sectors that push the minimum wage, and some employers can be a lot worse than others. This is a predicament that u/Waddiwasiiiii has had to deal with in their current job as a bartender, causing them no end of annoyance with a supervisor who they already had a problem with. After the restaurant they worked for started hiring, they were tasked with reporting if any of the interviewees arrived late. Despite this, they noticed that their manager would frequently delay or be late for the interviews without giving much of a reason.


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