Bartender Serves Hilariously Huge Pint of White Wine

How much wine is too much wine? That is a difficult question for people just beginning to drink out of a glass instead of straight from the bottle. I drank my wine directly from the bottle throughout college. I love strawberry Barefoot wine from the corner store, and nobody could stop me! Even when I had enough dignity to put this drink in a cup, I did not use a wine glass. I would pour a bunch of wine into a little plastic cup and have a swell night of libations and merriment. 

Now that I’m an actual adult, I have learned that you’re not supposed to pour half of a wine bottle into a cup because it’s rude. Luckily for some of us who like to lay it on thick with the fermented grape booze, some bartenders will give you way more wine than you bargained for. One Texan bartender served a pint of wine to a happily surprised patron, and you’ve got to see it to believe it. 

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