Best «Bro Girl» Memes for All the Ladies Who Love to Rant

Being the internet-brained, sunlight-deprived, mole woman freak that I am, I’m not always much of a talker. Those rare times I find myself in social situations, I often find myself spending most of the time listening — if only so I can scurry back into my decrepit little hole and churn out content that kind of sounds like it was written by a «real» «person». 

At the same time, things aren’t always this way. Steer me towards the right topic and I can drone to whoever is on the receiving end about, say, the Great Wojak Renaissance of 2020, or an excruciatingly detailed list of the multiple flaws in somebody I dislike (couldn’t be me, I’m the perfect subterranean mammal). 

Those who have dealt with some annoying dude insisting on a one-sided conversation that they don’t want have nodded in sympathy at the multiple memes about men who simply don’t know when to take the hint and shut up. However, the fact of the matter is that this can go both ways. Most people are guilty from having a rant from time to time, especially when we’re under the influence. With this new meme, we get to see how things can go both ways. The topics might change, but the aural exhaustion is as palpable as ever.

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