Best Stoic Classical Memes Of The Week That Add Much Value To The Art

What an incredible feat it is to mix old class and modern hilarity. If our ancestors would see us today, they would not be proud. We get the feeling that they may not have had the same sense of humor as us. But hey, maybe we’d be surprised. So… who was the genius who decided to put art and memes together? We don’t know. And not for a lack of trying! It’s difficult to get to the source of any meme, as the internet is basically a free for all, and nobody bothers to source anyone (Ahem, except for us). 


Memes are a revolution. A dynasty. An empire. And classical memes are the icing on the cake. The stoic expressions are what add that extra spice… Grandma’s old recipe aged well. If you’re an art student (Why must we do this to ourselves?) then you’ll appreciate these memes, and if you’re a general meme lover, you’ll appreciate them just about the same. We don’t know about you, but procrastinating is basically our job, and we love to share our findings. So without further ado, scroll down and check out the funniest classical memes of the week. If you find yourself in the mood for more, feel free to check out last week’s here.

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