Birdwatching Memes For Avid Bird Nerds

It’s an exciting and heartbreaking time to be a bird nerd. A birdwatcher, or a birder, if you will. Avian critters are migrating, which means we get to see rare breeds on their journeys to a warmer climate. But there have been some obstacles in their way, especially in urban areas such as New York City. You see, birds and skyscrapers don’t get along. They fly into the crystal-clear glass windows of luxury condos and office buildings, and often die from the impact.

Cheerful, huh? 

That’s on top of idiots who think affixing sticky paper to trees is helping them by catching invasive species such as Chinese lanternflies. Sure, the tree-killing birds die a painful death on the sticky substance, but the paper also catches migrating birds, who often hurt themselves while trying to free themselves from the adhesive. To cheer ourselves up (selfish, perhaps) we try to focus on good bird things. Like admiring them from our bedroom windows, or scrolling through incredibly nerdy birding memes. Memes like these. May they will have the same mood-lifting effect on you and your other birding friends.

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