British Train Driver’s Running Commentary Brings Passengers Festive Cheer

Public transport is the last thing most of us would associate with holiday cheer. There’s nothing like constant delays and miserable commuters to dampen the mood, whatever the time of year. 

However, if you happen to be taking the Northern Line of the London Underground at the right time of day, you may just come across somebody on a one woman mission to turn that idea around. 

Filmed by @shop.fem, the Tube driver whose train she was travelling on seemed to be doing her best to entertain passengers. This included festive ditties reminding people not to get stuck in the doors and an extended anecdote about her eyebrows. Although her methods may have been unconventional, many viewers were impressed with her efforts to entertain. Kudos to anyone who manages to make the job of driving a train social.


Northern line really is the ghetto

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