Bunny Memes For Those Counting Down to Next Easter

There are very few holidays with an animal mascot. Christmas has reindeer, but they are total side characters in the overarching Christmas narrative. Halloween has some bats and black cats, but they’re nothing compared to Jack O Lanterns or witches. Easter is the only holiday I can think of that says, «A giant bunny man is the main character, and you have to deal with it.» Only Donnie Darko has dared to include rabbit people so centrally since the dawn of Easter. 

I’m not the biggest Easter girl, but I know there are two kinds of people who are obsessed with the holiday; Christians and eccentric women who love bunnies. These memes could appeal to either group, but let’s be honest. If you clicked on this, you’re probably a woman with a variety of ceramic bunnies in her home during all seasons. If you’re counting down to Easter 2024 for selfish decorative reasons, these bunny memes will make you hoppy. 

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