‘Can I go back to jail now?’: Funniest Memes About Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ That Absolutely Nail It

Oh, Ant-Man. If you follow Marvel at all, then you know Ant-Man has a very love hate relationship with fans. You either love the superhero, or you don’t. There’s no in between. Unless you just see him as Paul Rudd the actor, in that case, everybody loves Paul Rudd. Does he even age? No, he is most likely a vampire. But we digress, this is about Marvel’s Ant-Man. We love him and the character is the perfect combination of emotionally charges, comic relief, and relatable. He may be about to team up with The Wasp and that might also garner a love-hate fanbase, but we want to take a moment to remember Ant-Man and appreciate him… Through memes of course! We Think that’s how Ant-Man thinks about himself too, in memes. Remember when the fans started viral meme-ing about how he should’ve just shrunk himself down and destroyed Thanos through the tush? Some superheroes might have taken offense to that, but not Ant-Man aka Paul Rudd… Anyways, enjoy these beloved Marvel Ant-Man memes below! 

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