“Cassie Hiding In A Bathtub” Meme Appeals To The Overwhelmed Teenage Girl In All Of Us

We’ve all got things that we’re hiding from. There’s a lot of unpleasant stuff out there that most of us would rather avoid, but sometimes, things creep up on us. 

Although the feeling might be unpleasant, we’ve now got a meme to help us through it. The original «Cassie Hiding In A Bathtub» meme takes a screengrab from gratuitously edgy high school drama Euphoria and makes it into a complaint about having to interact with the DoorDash driver.

The viral image was not without its controversies — why did so many people have an issue with showing basic manners to their food delivery person, anyway? — but it soon became even more prolific with some increasingly dumb and nonsensical variations.

While the meme has quickly progressed from over dramatic reaction image to absurd visual remix fodder, there’s no denying that we’ve all been there at some point.


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