Casual Gamers Bond Over Shared Psychopathy When They Play “The Sims”

For every person out there who dismisses The Sims as something not for real gamers, there’s dozens of individuals who have sunk hours of their childhoods (and adulthoods) playing virtual dolls with one of the most successful video game franchises of all time. It’s amazing how playing God with virtual people brings out everyone’s inner control freak, and perhaps the thing that the game is most notorious for is the cruel and unusual ways that players enjoy torturing their creations.

This has been perfectly illustrated by @simmerzack, who showed off his «artificial selection» process when it came to his Sims having children he deemed ugly. Showing himself building a fence around a swimming pool with someone in it in The Sims 4, a frightening amount of people seemed to relate to his predicament. The comment section was filled with virtual tyrants, sharing all the ways they had tortured their subjects (admittedly, it was sometimes an accident). 

Say what you like about this franchise, but it is a scary look inside the human psyche.


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