Hilariously Hard-To-Understand Scottish Tweets

Twitter is an incredible goldmine of entertainment. We love sharing the seemingly endless supply of amusing tidbits that users pump out every day. But there will always be a special place in our hearts for the near-indecipherable humor of Scottish Twitter. These tweets may take a few reads for you to understand, but they’re jam-packed …
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30 Zany Gems From Scottish Twitter

It’s no secret that in our spare time we like to mess around on Twitter. It can be a great way to enjoy short and sweet witticisms from clever writers and comedians. But very little seems to entertain us more than the special brogue of Scottish Twitter. It’s a wild world and the dialect sometimes …
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Hilarious & Hard-To-Decipher Gems From Scottish Twittter

If you have never attempted to translate the textual brogue of Scottish Twitter, you’ve been missing out. The comedic 280 character gems are sassy, irreverent, and often incredibly smart. We just wish we knew what all the words meant. But sometimes ignorance is bliss,