Cheeky Harry and Meghan Memes for People Who Became American Revolutionaries Against the Royal Family After Watching a Netflix Documentary

The British Monarchy isn’t cool anymore. That should have been clear a long time ago to be totally honest. The world should have taken the hint when the global leader in spice trade, England, insisted on continuing to eat beans and dry toast for breakfast. Red flag. However, it turns out that the real tipping point for the royal family’s terrible reputation wasn’t a 1997 alleged assassination of a princess, but it was when one of America’s sweethearts, Meghan Markle came into the picture. Turns out, America really was the downfall of the Brits. Since the release of the Harry & Meghan Netflix Documentary, it seems like everyone’s finally decided that they hate the royal family. Against all odds, and literally against one of the oldest and most powerful monarchies in the world, Harry and Meghan emancipated themselves, fled to America, and (lucky for us) spilled all the tea… AGAIN.

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