Chess Prodigy Meets His Match, Reacts In A Painfully Relatable Way

Nobody likes to feel like they’re in over their head. It’s stressful enough when you’re an adult, but when you’re three it’s a whole different ballpark. Add a win/lose situation on national TV and you’ve got a recipe for disaster, as precocious chess prodigy Misha Osipov found out.

In a video edit that has become popular lately, Osipov is shown preparing for a game of chess in front of a live audience. The presenter reveals that he will in fact be playing a world champion grandmaster and the camera cuts to him in tears.

In reality this version of the face off is a mock up, as Osipov actually managed to play a game for ten minutes before crying over his defeat. Nonetheless, the distress he shows is still a relatable moment for anyone who feels like they have been hopelessly out of their depth. It gives us all a valuable life lesson: when life hands you a chess wizard, start crying for your mom.

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