Choosing Beggars Who Expected the World

It’s a righteous thing to fight for what you deserve or need. That measly 2.5% raise is a more than reasonable ask when you’ve been working for the company since the very beginning. And yes, you do deserve a day or two off per week. Arguing for fair pay and these health-related necessities is ethical and commendable. But arguing with someone over an unreasonable discount – that’s tacky as hell. And unfortunately, thanks to online marketplaces and Craigslist, this happens a lot. Situations like that – and other moments of extreme entitlement – are well-documented over on the r/ChoosingBeggars. It’s truly incredible that the flow of horror stories is as consistent as submissions to a meme group – people never get tired of asking for stuff they don’t deserve. But on the bright side, this also means that we never run out of content to roll our eyes at. 

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