Clueless Husband Sparks Outrage With Selfish TikTok About Wife Ignoring Chores

I’ve never much cared about the idea of getting married. Finding love seems cool and all, but the concept of curbing my independence for social status and a big white dress never held any appeal for me. 

There’s nothing wrong with feeling differently, of course. Still, it seems like every time I look on social media, I see another reason to avoid this lauded rite of passage. Today’s argument comes from the hellish depths of family influencer TikTok, in the shape of a husband making a video about his wife. Posting your relationship for internet clout is rarely a good look, and this guy got it spectacularly wrong.

Celebrating the fact that his beloved was doing a workout instead of attending to chores or their newborn, people on Twitter felt like this dude was missing a pretty crucial point. While there are men out there who don’t expect their partner to be their personal maid, this clearly isn’t an example of that.

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