Coffee Memes for Highly-Caffeinated Juggernauts Demolishing Their 10th Cup of Joe Today

Just the smell of coffee can be enough to wake you up on a weekday. Regardless of whether you’re into prestigious pour-over coffee, desserty frappes, or the watery 7Eleven swill they’re branding as a «brown caffeinated beverage», you understand that the world runs on coffee. Without our zuzzed up bevvies, people that regularly get 5 hours of sleep would be dragging their feet and begging for mercy at the hands of the 40-hour work week. Coffee drinkers feel a certain superiority over the other caffeines, because they know that tea and energy drinks could never stand the test of time like their magical beans do. Red Bull may give you wings, but does it make you rush to the toilet for your morning business? Don’t answer that…

So for those of us that are struggling to get the ball rolling this week, we have a piping-hot, freshly brewed batch of coffee memes that’ll make you go out for a cup of that good bean-water. Scroll onward for a caffeine boost in the form of memes. 

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