College Student Reveals Revolting Trash Pile Up In University Apartment

It’s an unfortunate reality that any place which hosts large numbers of eighteen to nineteen year olds is going to become very gross very quickly. It’s amazing what basic household skills people fail to learn when they leave home, and coupled with the freedoms that come from going to college, things can get nastier than the mold in the coffee mug your mom grudgingly found under your bed that one time.

However, student accommodation isn’t always the best at helping their tenants keep on top of things, either — as @djenebask.2 has been unfortunate enough to find out. Living in a student apartment maintained by Temple University in Philadelphia, the trash accumulation situation in her building got so bad that she took to TikTok to document how students were having to live with piles of waste flowing out of the disposal room and getting stacked up in the corridor. Many viewers were up in arms about the way in which she was having to live, although some suggested it might partly be related to a shortage of sanitation workers in the Philadelphia area. While this might be a contributing factor, it’s undoubtedly unacceptable that students are having to pay good money to live with a potential biohazard that isn’t even their fault. You might think renting when you work full time is bad, but student living is truly something else.


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