Cómico Mexico Memes to Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

Mexico is a beautiful place. Since it gained independence from Spain more than two hundred years ago, it has made its mark on the world with its unique brand of alegría de vivir. As one of the immediate neighbors to the U.S., it has inevitably suffered from some unfair stereotyping over the years. God forbid another part of the Americas has better food, and a different kind of culture. 

Despite the fact that this has caused some tensions over the years, there is no denying that the influence of Mexico can be found in innumerable places north of the border. Even if that wasn’t the case, Mexican Independence Day would be worth celebrating. We’re doing this in the way we know best, with a hearty helping of memes. Spain could never bring this level of internet humor to the table (or invent the beauty that is the taco). 

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