Cursed Steam Reviews That Are More Funny Than Helpful

Where there’s a review section for a product, you can almost always find gold. Some of the most entertaining reviews can easily be found on sites like Letterboxd, Yelp, and Amazon. Most of the time, the funnier and more bizarre comments tend to be the least helpful, but that’s sort of part of the fun. Steam, the world’s largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming, is unsurprisingly no exception. Online gamers are already known for being gratuitously crass on the internet. It’s no shock to anyone that they’d sooner craft a mischievously trolly review before leaving behind a genuinely helpful bit of info for other users. For those console-users out there who don’t use Steam, luckily there’s a new Twitter account called @painsteam dedicated to documenting all the funny reviews found on the gaming platform. Keep scrolling for a taste of some of the funniest (and cursed) reviews that were left on various Steam games.

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