Demanding Business Owner Gets Slammed for Douchey ‘Interview Hacks’ to Use on Job Applicants

The only thing more twisted than a person who enjoys looking for a job are those who are in charge of the recruiting process. There are plenty of prospective employers who are way too willing to prey on your desperation to find a position that will pay the bills. 

In this day and age, it would be nice to think that more businesses appreciated that most of the people who want to work for them are not going to sacrifice it all, especially if they’re treated like garbage. However, not everybody got the memo.

One startup founder on LinkedIn has come under fire for this, after publishing a punishing list of ‘interview hacks’ apparently designed to find the best candidates. Including things like conducting late night in-person interviews and ringing candidates outside working hours, Redditors were not impressed with these toxic tips. At least it gets all the crappy job red flags out the way before somebody is stuck working for him.

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