Disgruntled Flyer Rails Against Unbelievable Suitcase Damage, Jokes Ensue

People who are flying anywhere this summer have plenty of things to be worried about, on top of all the usual stresses of traveling via airplane. There’s the looming threat of your flight being cancelled altogether; if you manage to get over that hurdle, it’s more than likely that your itinerary will face chaos and delays thanks to understaffed and overbooked airports. On top of that, there are the worries about getting sick. 

You might think that this is quite enough stress for your average traveler to contend with, but apparently the joys don’t stop here. For one particularly unlucky individual, her flying experience was made even worse by her airline managing to destroy her luggage during transit. Sharing her disbelief to Twitter, @moosechildd quickly prompted plenty of punchlines from the less sympathetic sides of the platform. Although it can’t be denied that some of them are pretty amusing, it doesn’t take away from the horror that is that mangled suitcase. How the hell did they manage that?

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