Dog Owner’s Deranged Raw Feeding Bowl Baffles the Internet

My family’s dog, much like any other dog, is the canine equivalent of a trash can. She will sit expectantly by my mom when she’s trying to eat a meal and expect to be given scraps throughout. She has her preferences when it comes to things like this, of course — namely anything meaty, or takeout. Still, she’ll do her best to consume almost anything that gets thrown in her food bowl, whether it was originally intended for human consumption or not. 

Most of the time, it’s not too hard to feed a dog a relatively healthy diet (assuming you’re not the spoilt furbaby of two empty nesters). The majority of vets accept that a good quality kibble and some fresh food thrown in is enough to give them all they need. 

However, the raw feeding devotees out there would disagree. Committed to feeding their pet a 100% fresh diet, many claim it is as simple as making a couple of trips to the butcher’s per week. This isn’t the case for @echo.smithfieldx, who astounded people recently by sharing the elaborate preparation of the food bowl they gave to their dog, Echo. Including weird bits of animal, nutrient mixes, and even a couple of ingredients that are meant to be toxic to dogs, viewers couldn’t help but question the point of putting in this much effort. Rule number one of dog ownership: just because they’ll eat it, doesn’t mean they should. 


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