Douchebag at Burger King Drive Thru Crashes Car After Cussing Out Employee

One of the worst things about dealing with rude people in a job is that you usually can’t do anything about it. When the customer is always right, they can bring seemingly endless amounts of meanness and sass before their behavior is deemed abusive. Nastiness without repercussions is a horrible part of the minimum wage grind, so it’s nice to know that things don’t always have to work out that way. When @itzmasondaniels decided that he could get disrespectful in the Burger King drive thru, he faced an unpleasant surprise almost immediately afterwards. After swearing at an employee because the store did not have his preferred flavor of milkshake, he attempted to back out — only to crash into the vehicle behind. When the ordeal was posted to TikTok, it’s fair to say that viewers knew whose side they were taking. This is a level of doofus it’s hard to achieve unless you’re a major jerk as well. 

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