Dude Leaves Job With Hilarious Marked-Up Resignation Letter Template

Quitting a job is hard. I’ve only done it twice in my life, and it’s not as simple as waltzing in and yelling, «I quit!» It’s much harder to leave a toxic workplace than a well functioning one. Nobody tries to guilt you when you’re leaving a well-functioning workplace because they know that one less employee is not going to make much of a difference. The hardest jobs to quit are ones that beg you to stay. Both of the times I quit jobs, I tried to be as professional as possible because I wanted to maintain the relationships I had with my superiors as best as I could. It would’ve been much more fun and easy to leave those jobs if I didn’t give a rat’s ass about maintaining those relationships. One dude was fed up with his job and didn’t care who knew it quit in a unique, bombastic, and hilarious manner; His coworker’s friend’s friend was kind enough to post it on Reddit for all of us to enjoy! 

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