Dude Offers Guy Middle Seat On The Plane, Twitter Calls Him «Entitled»

If there’s one thing I hate about Twitter, it’s the people who use it. I’m not saying this to be a hater. Still, longtime Twitter users like myself will recognize a type of defensive rhetoric unique to Twitter users that makes the experience of using the bird app kind of miserable. They will always assume the worst about a situation and respond accordingly. They act like everyone is the enemy who needs to get told off by their righteous army. 

I don’t know why Twitter is like this, but if I had to guess, it’s because people like to be in the right. When you’re an adult, it’s not very socially acceptable to always try to be right in real life, but on Twitter, it’s implicitly encouraged. When writer Zack Bornstein humorously tweeted about offering the aisle seat to the occupant of the middle seat and getting declined, he could’ve never guessed how unhumorous the response would be.  

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