Dude Provides Fascinating Explanation About Why Doritos Are So Addictive

In the grand ranking of chips, Doritos have to be up there as an all-timer. As writer Matt Crowley once famously observed, a single one of these tangy little triangles contains more flavor than a medieval peasant would ever see in a lifetime; yet here we are, with the kind of built in tolerance to artificial flavoring that allows us to consume them by the family-sized bagful. 

Even if this particular snack doesn’t happen to be your jam, there’s no denying that it is immensely popular. From suburban moms planning birthday party buffets to stoners getting the munchies in their local gas station, their target audience is seems to be pretty much anyone who thinks that they taste good. That’s no mean feat, which is why @TrungTPhan has gone to great lengths to explain why this is the case. It may not be that much of a surprise, but it sure is interesting.

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