Dude Responds To His Own ‘Wanted’ Post On Facebook, Hilarity Ensues

Police departments have been using Facebook to find (and roast) criminals for quite some time, but we’re betting the Richland WA Police Department had no idea they’d be creating viral content this past Wednesday. Their social media posted one of their usual ‘Wanted Wednesday’ calls for action, and to their surprise, the perp himself replied.

Anthony Akers, wanted for «failure to comply» replied to the post telling them to «calm down, im going to turn myself in» (sic). That’s when the fun started. After a few very chatty posts and some unfulfilled promises, Akers did in fact turn himself in – but not before posting a photo of the process. We hope he has a fun time behind bars, and maybe accss to Facebook. We could use a little more of his antics in our lives.

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