Dude Who Failed to Give Megan Fox a Rose Tells Tale Behind Iconic Photograph

Megan Fox made the news over the weekend by hinting at an acrimonious split from Machine Gun Kelly on social media. While it’s great to see her free of someone who gave seriously weird vibes in their relationship, our focus today is another prolifically memed man in her life. TikToker @harveykindlon has been a famous face on the internet for nearly fourteen years, thanks to a paparazzi shot showing his failed attempt to gift a rose to the Transformers actress.

The image caused a viral frenzy back in 2009, and spawned many memes in the years after. However, it’s only now that Harvey has been able to come out and tell his side of the story in full. According to him, he graciously volunteered to gift the rose to Megan after his friend with a crush on her was too shy to do it. The rest is history — and while the picture might be misinterpreted to this day, at least it got him an all-expenses paid trip to New York. Plus, he now has a confirmed place in internet legend.

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