Elon Musk Gets Booed at Dave Chappelle Show, to the Delight of Twitter

Almost everyone on the planet either knows that Elon Musk isn’t popular, or they try to contribute to that unpopularity. Everyone, that is, except Elon Musk. The world’s most famous and annoying billionaire seems to spend his days listening to yes men and the weirdos cheering him on in his Twitter replies. It makes any time he is exposed to the reality of public opinion a pretty hilarious surprise.

For obvious reasons, this doesn’t appear to be a frequent occurrence. It means that all the haters out there have no choice but to cherish his ill-fated appearance onstage at a Dave Chappelle show last night. After being invited to join the controversial comedian mid-performance, the crowd erupted into a mixed reaction of mostly boos as he proclaimed «I’m rich, b*tch!». Chappelle couldn’t do much to calm the angry audience, and Musk didn’t look like he knew what to do, either.

It’s fair to say that Twitter had a field day when it found out about the event, and its CEO didn’t help himself with his indignant insistence that people had responded to him with «90% cheers». While the embarrassment might not make him think twice about any of the dumb things he does, at least it was funny.


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