Employee Refuses To Extend Shift At Last Minute, Told To Leave Early By Petty Manager

Whatever the job, one of the biggest factors in determining how much you enjoy it is the people you work with. This is especially true of your superiors — dealing with a bitchy colleague may be annoying, but having a manager who wants to see you suffer can make or break your ability to be in your role altogether. 

The person you want to complain about being the person you’re often meant to complain to is an uncomfortable Catch 22. Howevrer, all too many people can find themselves in this position occasionally. One of these is Ava Marie, who took to TikTok a few days ago to vent about her manager’s confusing behavior towards her. After refusing to extend her shift by two hours while she was working, her boss then told her that she wasn’t needed any longer that day, and that she had to leave an hour early. Viewers sympathized with her rant, and some had dealt with similar experiences themselves. Although being a supervisor is undoubtedly frustrating at times, getting two faced about it is the height of unprofessional. 

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