Employee Told They Can’t Quit On a Friday, Takes Matters Into Their Own Hands

One of the few satisfying aspects of working life is when you get successful enough to move onwards and upwards. Waving goodbye to the daily grind of menial tasks to enter another role of slightly better paid menial tasks can be very satisfying when you’ve put the work in to get there.

That being said, many companies don’t like to make it easy for you to leave them. Although they might not always be the nicest places to work for when you’re actually employed, there’s nothing like handing your notice in to make you feel wanted again. Unfortunately, the tactics used to do that are often a huge pain.

For u/Tigerdragon180, leaving their previous job turned out to be a difficult task. Their employer decided that the two weeks’ notice that they had given was not satisfactory, and began to dispute their exit strategy. In response, they executed the perfect, simple revenge. Pro tip: watch your wording if you want your workers to stay with you.


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