Employees Lament Reading Google Reviews Of The Companies They Work For

There’s nothing worse than being told how to do your job by somebody who has no idea what they’re talking about. We all make mistakes no matter how experienced we are, but half the time those who feel the need to comment on them would be wiser keeping their mouth shut.

Unfortunately, the age of the internet has made this annoying phenomenon even easier for people to do, thanks to the unforgiving world of online reviews. Very few of the working population are free from public scrutiny all the time, but this is especially true of anyone who works in a customer-facing role where pretty much anyone who gives them business is free to pry into theirs.

This has recently been underlined by a TikTok from @rykohio, where he advised people to never read the Google reviews for wherever they worked. This led to many workers admitting to doing just that, as well as sharing some of the most baffling and unfavorable feedback they had received. It really is a jungle out there.

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