Entitled Karen Claims Disney Employee ‘Destroyed The Magic’ By Making Small Talk About Sports

Disney theme park employees, or «cast members,» have different requirements regarding whether they must stay in character. In Pandora: The World of Avatar, cast members are required to act as if the events of the Avatar movies are real. They refer to the movies as  «documentaries» and are committed to immersing guests in the Na’vi experience. Other sections of the theme parks are different. If you go to Frontierland, the merchandise counter guy will not ask you when you rolled into town on your covered wagon; he wouldn’t be «in character.»

When Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened in Disneyland in 2019, they were committed to training their cast members to be in character. However, as time passes, it becomes increasingly impractical for cast members to only talk about Star Wars references with guests. One Karen found this wholly unacceptable when she visited the park and took to Facebook to complain about it. 

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