Entitled Karens Who Are Completely Addicted to Complaining

If you told us a few years ago that insane Karens would still be a hot topic, we might not believe you, and we would definitely not want to believe you. Rage filled, entitled people are a plague upon the world, and it seems like that’s especially true here in the United States as well as across the pond in the United Kingdom. During the darkest days of the Covid-19 pandemic, it seemed like mentions of Karens and their insane meltdowns were popping up every hour, so obviously the same is true for the Internet. Karens were everywhere, our site included.

While we’re a bit appalled at the longevity of the Karen phenomenon, we can’t pretend to be tickled by the absurdity of their wildly entitled demands. Karens expect the world and offer absolutely nothing in return, so if we can get a little bit of entertainment at their expense, well, we’re going to take it. 

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