‘Europeans expect us to wear a three-piece suit to 7/11?’ Pajama-wearing American gets roasted for his convenience store fit, Twitter explodes with controversy

We’ve all had those lazy days where you can hardly move from the couch. On those days, if you ever need to do a quick food run at the convenience store and you just absolutely need a bag of Hot Cheetos, are you getting dressed in real clothes (uncomfortable jeans and a fitted shirt and jacket) or are you going to stay just as you are, comfortable, in PJ’s, sliders, and a graphic tee. 

If you’re an average American citizen, you’re probably just going to roll up to your local corner store in your comfiest fit. Choosing comfort and convenience over all else is an American value that’s pretty hardwired for most folks (especially in the southern half of the country). One woman on Twitter simply did not understand this quintessential American value and she went off of a man who looks like he’s clearly rushing to the gas station to buy a Gatorade, while he waiting for the Call of Duty lobby to update. 

She said, «r americans even real because how can they go to the store like this» and she roasted this poor man in his gingham pajamas and sliders in the snack aisle of what looks to be a 7Eleven. The thread following her tweet got some serious retort from the Twitter community, claiming that there’s no way Europeans are real if they’re up at a convenience store wearing a three piece tailored suit and tie. Chill everyone, it’s just the gas station, not Paris Fashion Week. 

Apparently Europeans ARE as stylish as we all think they are? Or maybe they’re the real fools, choosing to wear fitted slacks where you can’t bend your knees all the way instead of choosing to wear loungewear with an elastic waist at every opportunity. Americans are on to something here.

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