Fast Food Worker Memes For Unappreciated Employees

On Christmas Day, customers usually have enough shame to not show up at a fast food place. They ask insecure questions about when the company lets the employees go home. When you deliver the sad news that you’re working until closing, they retreat to their table to eat their McChicken with embarrassed expressions. Unfortunately, during Thanksgiving, customers have a lot less shame. They find it incredibly quirky to go to Popeyes for Thanksgiving instead of cooking a homemade meal. 

Working in fast food is one of those experiences that you just won’t get if you haven’t done it. You’re doing the most work for the least pay and bottom-of-the-barrel levels of respect. Your coworkers are the craziest people you will ever work with, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re working this weekend while the people with comfy office jobs are hanging out with their families, these fast food worker memes might make you smile.

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