Fitness TikToker Calls Out Creepy Ogler in Gym, Sparking Mixed Reactions

No one wants to be ogled in the gym. No one. Not even fitness tiktokers and youtubers who share their workouts with millions of strangers on the internet. You see, the difference is consent. Posting an image of yourself online doesn’t mean you want strangers to gawk at you at the gym, and apparently some people still need to hear this. Fitness trainer and TikToker @fit_with_heidi was recording one of her workouts when she noticed a man repeatedly stare at her, which made her feel understandably uncomfortable. Eventually, she told the man to stop and then posted about the confrontation on TikTok. Though many were supportive and related to the scenario, others weren’t so sympathetic. Yup, in 2021, people are still saying ‘maybe she shouldn’t have worn that.’ Keep scrolling to see the video and some very mixed reactions. 

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